At the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), we explore electronic and optical properties of organic materials and organic-inorganic hybrid systems. 


We are especially interested in using the coupling between electronic and ionic charges to develop novel device and system concepts for the areas of energy, internet-of-things, healthcare and biology.

We conduct our science and technology projects within the Täppan Laboratories and the Printed Electronics Arena at Campus Norrköping.

Our research themes span synthesis, material science, devices, systems and applications. Projects closer to applications and commercialization are conducted in close collaboration with RISE Acreo with whom we share office and lab space.

LOE is directed by Professor Magnus Berggren and includes approximately 85 scientists and students divided into several subgroups, each guided by a principal investigator:


Prof. Magnus Berggren

The Laboratory of Organic Electronics is led and directed by Professor Magnus Berggren.

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LOE is run a "one big group", but we do organize into several groups with specific foci.

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