Group leader: Simone Fabiano

Bottom-up electronics: studying structure/property relations in confined organic semiconductors


While conventional electronics makes use mainly of top-down approaches to miniaturization, the introduction of molecular materials paves the way for a bottom-up approach to fabrication. The chemical versatility of molecular systems allows the incorporation – in a single material – of both electrical and chemical functionality (self-assembly) necessary for bottom-up electronics. 

The research of the Organic Nanoelectronics group focuses on the optoelectronic and transport properties of these nano-scaled organic semiconductors. Properties at such a small scale often give rise to unexpected emergent behaviours. Thus, we aim to experimentally investigate fundamental concepts that are attracting technological and scientific interest. This gives many opportunities to create and optimize device functionality for applications in transistors, electrochemical devices, non-volatile ferroelectric memories, and solar cells.

Research activities in Organic nanoelectronics

– Doping of semiconducting polymers
– Structure-property relations
– Organic ferroelectric materials

Banner image above: thin film devices being mounted for testing in cryo-probe station.


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